When should we reserve the date for our wedding cake?
It’s never too early to begin planning to create your perfect wedding cake. It is a good idea to reserve at least 6-9 months in advance, but reservations closer to the wedding date can be made if time is available. Your custom creation is important, therefore the number of commitments accepted may be limited. Reserving your date early can help avoid any disappointment.

How do we start?
Contact by phone or email to book a complimentary consultation and a tasting will be arranged to discuss all your ideas, your event details, pricing, and everything else that will go into creating your edible masterpiece. For contact information and to check available dates please click here.

Can a wedding cake be made with more than one flavour?
Yes. If a couple has many favourite flavours the wedding cake can be made up of different cake types with different fillings. Each tier can have a different flavour and you can mix and match fillings to create your signature taste.

Can you create a special pattern or design to match my decor?
Anything can be created just for you. If you already have a design in mind, pictures and sketches are welcome, and Judy will work with you to bring your vision to reality.

Do you deliver?
Frostings by Judy takes care of the delivery and set up of your wedding cake at your event site. Your creation will be perfectly displayed, awaiting the entrance of your guests. An additional fee may be required if you live outside of the immediate delivery area. Contact Judy to inquire about your town.

Do you provide cake toppers or flowers?
Once a design has been established, if a topper or flowers are to be a part of the exterior decoration, these can often be custom created at Frostings by Judy or coordinated with your florist. Wedding cake flowers can be picked up and kept cool until they are to be used on the cake for the reception.

How do we cut the cake?
Cutting instructions are provided for serving your cake. By following the instructions, the required number of slices can be achieved ensuring that every guest will be able to indulge.

Can the top tier be saved for our first anniversary?
Of course! You will be provided instructions for wrapping and freezing to ensure its freshness. With proper care, steps can be taken to preserve your cake for sharing together on your first anniversary.