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Frostings by Judy is proud to have been featured as one of the Top Wedding Cake Makers in Greater Toronto.  See the article on by clicking on the following link:



As promised, here are the cakes I did last weekend.  There was a wide range of themes, from Star Wars, to baby showers to bridal showers.  I like the pink bridal shower cake myself.  It was a nice change from the turquoise that I usually make it in.  And the monogram was a nice idea to represent the bride.

The Star Wars cake is kinda funny.  It's a cross between bobble heads and the Clone Wars. 

See previous post for corresponding pictures.


This week on the calendar...

Here are a few things coming up this week in cakeland. 

Lightsabers!  It seems that Star Wars is becoming a popular theme amongst 5 year old boys this year. 

Baby Showers: I'll be matching a baby shower cake to the baby bedding set that mom has bought for her baby to be.

Baptism: This cake will be made to match the baby's baptism dress.

Bridal Shower: A popular cake will be switched up from turquoise and brown to pink and brown.  Should be sweet.

Check back next week to see how they turned out!

Have a great week!


What a busy week!

Every year I participate in a cake competition held by the Canadian Society of Sugar Artistry (CSSA), of which I am a member.  It is usually held in a mall in Mississauga, but this year I was happy that it was going to be held closer to home at Markville Mall.  There are many categories that contestants can enter, from baby cakes, to carved theme cakes, but I usually just enter the 3-tier Wedding Cake Category.  The first year I entered, I won 2nd place in the Novice Category.  This year I was entering the Intermediate Division. 

Most of the entries are made using styrofoam cakes (also known as cake dummies) to allow for the early preparation of the entries.  The judging criteria is based on creativity, balance & colour, quality, workmanship and difficulty.  This year, I made my cake light blue & silver/grey.  I did some drapping, piping and filigree work.  On saturday, they announced the winners and I was thrilled to find out I placed 1st in my category. 

Here is my cake. 







All the while, I was preparing for a big event that was taking place saturday evening.  I recently met a fabulous bunch of ladies that make up the Hearts of Durham.  They were hosting their big annual gala on April 18th at Deer Creek to raise money for this year's charity - The Durham Children's Aid Foundation.  The event, called  The Golden Ticket was themed around Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.  They asked me if I would contribute to the dessert buffet and I gladly accepted.  I made 2 topsy turvy cakes and a top hat cake to acknowledge the sponsored chocolate buffet donor - Scotiabank.  It took 22 individual cakes that were layered and filled with various flavours, like chocolate buttercream, fresh strawberries, raspberry buttercream, dulce de leche (caramel), just to name a few to build these 3 cakes.  The cakes were then carved and stacked to create the topsy turvy effect.   Here are a few pictures of them in the dessert room at Deer Creek.




Overall, the gala was a fabulous evening with 400 guests in attendance and the Hearts of Durham raised almost $82,000 for Durham Children's Aid Foundation.  Way to go ladies!


Welcome to the new Frostings by Judy!!!

We are so excited to be launching our new website. Much work has gone into giving us a look that reflects our spirit at Frostings by Judy. We hope you enjoy our new logo and look.

Stay tuned to our blog for stories about our exciting new cakes and the latest events that we are a part of.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions about our cakes or cookies.

Don't forget - we can create almost anything in cake, so don't be afraid to ask.

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