Our Cake Walk Cake!
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 03:06PM
Judy Fauteux

Introducing....our Winning Cake, "The Cake of Life"!!  

Here's a bit about our special couple, Katie and Jamie's story and how our cake design came to be.

They met in London as flatmates, fell in love and then moved to Canada.  They love playing sports and games, including cycling, golf, tennis, to name a few.  They wanted the story of their life to be embodied into their cake so we figured we'd start off with where they came from and have landscapes of the key London attractions around the base of the cake.  Our next tier tied the British and Canadian flags together.  Then our most fun tier was the story of their life, from the door of their flat to their hobbies, followed by their flight to Canada all the way to their wedding.  The top of that tier which is hard to see here is a golf club with the greens moulded in the shape of KJ (their initials) with a path circling the golf course and a miniature white chocolate bicycle on the path.

I wanted to display some wedding romance since it is a wedding cake after all, so using their wedding colours of navy and yellow, I designed the upper portion of the cake to be a  wedding cake for their gardenesque, golf club wedding.  I used a trellis styled design with yellow and white flowers topped by their monogram.  

What you may not know is that the couple planned to play a match of soccer after their reception.  She was going to wear yellow running shoes, and he soccer cleats.  I tied their laces to signify the tying of the knot on top of the soccer ball topper.

The couple loved our cake and the representation of their lives.  The 360 degrees of viewing around the cake was surely going to make it a discussion piece at the wedding.

Thanks Katie and Jamie for letting us design your special wedding day cake! 


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