Expressing my creativity!

What started out as a hobby, cake decorating soon became a method for expressing my creativity. Having always loved licking the bowl as a child when baking with mom, this childhood past-time has turned into a passion for creating edible masterpieces. I had no idea of the extent to which cake could be transformed with icing and fondant.

After taking a few classes, I soon found the demand for my cakes began to grow. In that first year, with plenty of practice and continued requests for my stylish sweets, my skills and talent began to bloom. Family and friends encouraged my growth and I entered my first cake competition in 2006 and earned second place in the Beginners Division. Later that year, I earned another second place in another competition.

Being validated for my work by a panel of talented bakers fueled my desire to continue with my newfound passion for cake creation. And so, Frostings by Judy was born, in addition to my sweet baby twin girls that arrived in the spring of 2008.